A wonderful story of forgiveness, love and faith in God

The Promise of a Letter

Daniel and Roman Raber had a hard childhood.  Their parents were uncaring people and the only love the boys were shown came from their grandmother who had moved in with them.

Daniel was fortunate to have found a wife to love and be loved by in return.  Roman, on the other hand, ran away and lived in the English world for a time.  He had no interest in falling in love, marriage and having a family. Who could blame him after the family he grew up in?  He wanted to go to college and get a degree in engineering.

It was the desire of their grandmother’s heart for the two of them to reconcile.  Before her death, she wrote them each a letter telling them of this desire.  They both loved her dearly.  Would that be enough to bring them together again?

After receiving his letter, Roman moved back to Birch Creek to try to honor his grandmother’s wishes.  Daniel, however, didn’t trust Roman because of his past behavior and certainly didn’t make it easy for him when he returned.

Leanna Chupp, a rather unusual woman by Amish standards, had been working alongside Daniel in his shop as a mechanic and she loved it.  That all changed because of gossip that was going around.  She also had no interest in falling in love, marrying and having a family.  All she wanted to do was to be able to fix things.

Kathleen Fuller is one of my favorite authors of Amish Fiction.  Once you start reading one of her books, you don’t want to put it down.  You’ll see what I mean when you pick up a copy of this book and read about the lives of Daniel and Barbara Raber, Roman, Leanna and their families.   Your heart will ache for Daniel and Barbara because she has miscarriage after miscarriage while her friends are having healthy babies.

Did Daniel and Roman reconcile?  What about love?  Did Roman find love? Did Leanna?



Jonathan Fisher was quite the prankster as a boy and that didn’t change with age.  One of his best friends, Matthew Riehl, was getting married and he wasn’t going to let the occasion go without a prank.

Matthew, knowing Jonathan well and having pulled pranks with him, thought he had the perfect plan to avoid being pranked on his and Maryanna’s wedding day.

Poor Maryanna!  Jonathan enlisted the help of her father, the Bishop, his wife Susanna who was her twin sister, her best friend Annie, and a police officer.  The day of the wedding everything was going wrong and Maryanna wondered if maybe they weren’t supposed to marry.

Even though the events of the day had Maryanna frustrated and doubting, they were funny because you knew they weren’t real problems.

You’ll want to pick up a copy of this well-written book and read about the lives of these fun-loving characters….you’ll be glad you did!



Did Annie make the right decision?


Young Annie Yoder was full of excitement when she read an ad for an Amish pen pal.  The author of the ad wanted to exchange letters with an Amish girl between the ages of 12-16.  That fit Annie perfectly, she was 14!

Annie’s father, Jacob, wasn’t sure it was such a good idea for her to be writing letters to an Englischer but, her mother persuaded him to let her give it a try.  They were to be allowed to read the letters too to ease his mind.

She had sent off her first letter to her new pen pal and anxiously awaited a letter from her in return.  Finally, it came.  Annie pulled a letter out of the mailbox with the return address for Amanda Johnson!  Amanda had even included a picture of herself.

Amanda and her family were going to be singing in a church in Lancaster and she invited Annie to come listen to them sing so they could meet each other in person.  Annie was so excited!  There was a problem though…how was she going to get to the English church?  Should she ask permission to go?  She decided not to ask for fear they would say no.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Fisher had bought a car during his rumspringa.  He had finally won Susanna’s heart but he was still making waves at home.  His father forbade him to park his car at the house or even come in the house in his English clothes.

Jonathan took Annie to the English church to listen to the Johnson family perform and meet Amanda.  Was that a good idea?  What happened when her parents found out?

Read Annie’s story.  Did she make the right decision?


What a surprise it is!


Jonathan Fisher was always bothering Susanna at school.  Well, everywhere for that matter.  It really annoyed her.  She had eight siblings at home and she just wanted some peace and quiet during lunch time at school.  Was that too much to ask?!

Susanna’s best friend Anna thought she was lucky to have Jonathan’s attention.  Anna wished he’d notice her.  Jonathan was a bit on the wild side.  Nothing serious, just childish pranks but his father worried about him.  He had many talks with his good friend the bishop, Susanna’s father, about Jonathan.

Jonathan’s best friend, Matthew Riehl was also interested in Susanna.  He was going to take her for a boat ride and picnic on her thirteenth birthday.  Susanna was really looking forward to that.

Susanna always had the feeling that something was missing in her life.  She couldn’t figure out why she felt that way though.  She had her parents and her eight siblings.  What could be missing?

Susanna’s older brother Levi and a group of his friends sat in a booth at the Dairy Queen when they heard people singing Happy Birthday to a young girl.  He couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked that way.  The girl looked like Susanna and it was her birthday that day too.  He knew Susanna had a twin but she didn’t.  Her parents were told the baby died at birth.  Could it be?!  Could this Englisher girl be Susanna’s twin that had supposedly died?

You’ll have to read Susanna’s story.  You’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

A gift or a curse?


Henry Lapp had a gift, or was it a curse?  He’d suffered a brain injury as a child and spent weeks in a medically induced coma.  The “gift” seemed to be a result of his injury.  He and his family discovered it a few days after his return from the hospital.

Henry was pestering his mother to let him go outside and play with his siblings.  Of course, he couldn’t.  She suggested he draw a picture for his grandmother.

He drew a picture of the church picnic they had had.  His parents couldn’t believe what they were seeing when they looked at the picture he had drawn.  Henry didn’t draw again.  That is, until he was much older and was asked to draw a picture to help solve crimes going on in his church district.  Even then he hesitated.

This book will grab your attention from the start.  What in the world did young Henry draw in that picture of the picnic?  Why did he stop drawing?  What is Henry’s “gift”?

Pick up a copy of this well-written book and read Henry’s story.  You’ll be glad you did!


A Book You Won’t Want to Put Down!

The Seekers

Heidi Troyer was lonely during the day when her husband Lyle was at work.  There was only so much housework, gardening, and canning to do.  Oh, how she longed for a child!  They had been married eight years and God had not given them a baby yet.  Heidi wanted to adopt but Lyle wouldn’t even consider the idea.

Heidi’s aunt Emma gave sewing lessens.  Those of you who read Wanda’s books remember Emma right?!  Heidi wasn’t that good at sewing but she loved cooking and baking.  She decided to fill some of her time giving cooking classes.  After getting approval from Lyle, she set about advertising her classes and had a small group of women and one Amish man attend.  Eli was a widower and couldn’t boil water!

Another man in attendance, reluctantly, was Ron Hensley.  He asked for permission to park his motor home on their property until he could get it fixed.  Of course, there was nothing wrong with it.

Heidi was suspicious of Ron from the start.  Did she have reason to be?  Like Emma’s students, Heidi’s all had things going on in their lives that they shared with her.  She shared bible verses with them every week with the food they took home.

Read about what was going on in the lives of Heidi’s students.  What was Ron up to?  You won’t want to put this book down until you find out all about the men and women in the cooking class!

A well-written story of caring for others and keeping promises

The Loyal Heart

In captivity on Johnson’s Island, Ohio, Confederate Captain Devin Monroe and his small group of men decided to make a pact to always look out for each other.  This came on the heels of burying yet another soldier from their unit.  This time it was the youngest of them and his death really hit them hard.  Nineteen-year-old Pvt. Rory Macdonald had died of pneumonia.

Conditions were difficult in a POW camp but, for Lieutenant Philip Markham, life there was more bearable due to the daily letters he received from his beloved wife Miranda.  Phillip never made it home.

The men took the pact seriously and, after the war and their consequent release, Devin sent Robert Traux to check on Miranda.  Phillip’s name had been tarnished and the town people were treating her poorly.  Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law were trying to have her evicted from her home.  To make ends meet, Miranda had turned her home into a boarding house and people, especially Phillip’s mother and sister, didn’t like that at all.

I don’t want to give the story away.  Pick up a copy by New York Times Bestselling Author Shelley Shepard Gray and read Miranda’s story.  Can she come out of the deep depression Phillip’s death and the treatment she’s receiving from everyone have put her in?  Does she have to leave her home?  How can Robert help her?

Thank you Shelley for another great read!!