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A Sister’s Wish


I so enjoyed my time back in the quaint little town of Charm, Ohio visiting with my friends one more time and catching up with their lives.

Amelia’s pet goat, Princess, has caused her to break her leg and get bit by a snake.  Amelia was trying to put her in her stall but Princess wouldn’t budge.  She sensed the snake in the hay.  Unfortunately, Amelia didn’t see it before she landed on it.

Simon Hochstelter, a boy Amelia has loved since childhood, returned to the Amish after a very troubled rumspringa.  He is Lukas’ best friend but his past troubles Lukas.  Especially the spending time in prison part.  Best friend or not, Lukas wants someone else for his little sister.

Simon has feelings for Amelia and wants to court her.  She had been sheltered by her siblings since the fire that took the life of their father.  With no parents, Lukas stepped right into the role of head of the household.  He has censored her would be suitors much to her dismay.  Of course, with Simon’s return, he’s the only one she wants.

Will Lukas give in to her wishes?  Does she stand up for herself and show her siblings that she can make decisions for herself?

This is another well written story by one of my favorite authors.  You’ll definitely want to read this series!  Thank you Shelley Shepard Gray!!

A Daughter’s Dream


Rebecca Kinsinger has been working with her brother Lukas at the family mill since the death of their father. That, however, is not where her heart was. She has always wanted to be a teacher.

Rebecca’s friend Rachel was the school teacher and, one day while filling in for Rachel, Rebecca realized that keeping twenty-five scholars in check was not an easy task. Rachel returned from her appointment and gained control of the classroom once again. She made it look so easy! At the end of the day a shy little girl and her Uncle walked into the classroom. Lilly Yoder, orphaned by an accident, moved to Charm from Berlin to live with her grandparents and Uncle Jacob. Jacob moved to Charm from Pinecraft, FL after the death of his brother to help care for his thirteen year old niece he barely knew.

This is the second book in The Charmed Amish Life series. You’ll want to read all about Lilly’s life in Charm. Does Rebecca give up her dream of teaching in favor of her loyalty to family? Is teaching still Rebecca’s dream after spending some time in the classroom?

A Daughter’s Dream is yet another well written book by one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait to read A Sister’s Wish in September! Thank you Shelley for another wonderful read!!!!

A Son’s Vow


A tragedy took place in the peaceful town of Charm, Ohio. There was a terrible fire at Kinsinger Lumber Mill that claimed the lives of five Amish men. Among them were Stephen Kinsinger, owner of the mill, and John Kurtz.

Lukas Kinsinger and Darletta (Darla) Kurtz had been friends since childhood often visiting each other’s homes. This accident put a strain not only on the friendship between these two and their families but members of the community as well. One woman who lost her son blamed John Kurtz for starting the fire. She took her anger out on Darla every time she saw her. Darla’s brother Aaron claimed the mill was neglectful when it came to safety.

There were seven Kurtz children and, not only had their father died, their mother had left them. Darla did her best to keep the family going. Aaron grew bitter and took his anger out on his siblings, mostly Darla since she was the oldest.

Shelley Shepard Gray tells a story of loss, grief, anger, love and forgiveness in this book. Thank you Shelley for another great read!

The Quieting


In this second book in The Bishop’s Family series we wait for Bishop Freeman Glick to do the right thing and step down. And we wait. He is a spiteful, arrogant one, that Bishop!

David’s mother, Tillie Yoder Stoltzfus, and his nieces, Laura and Abigail pay the family an unexpected visit. Poor David! His mother decided that he needed her help to get his life back in order. Abigail went along because she was obsessed with finishing the Glick family tree for her ill father. Tillie’s real reason for bringing Abby as they called her, though she always corrected them, along was to find her a husband. Abby was not outgoing so, of course, she needed “help” in that department.

Read this well written story and find out if Freeman ever humbles himself or if the church has to take matters into their own hands. What of David and Birdy? Did Abby get the information she needed? Don’t forget Katrina, David’s unwed pregnant daughter…oh my that didn’t sit well with Tilly!

Thank you Suzanne Woods Fisher for another wonderful read. I can’t wait to read The Devoted!

The Imposter


In this first book of The Bishop’s Family series we see things aren’t right in Stoney Ridge.  Preacher David Stoltzfus moves his family there from Ohio after the death of his wife and at the urging of Elmo Beiler who, at the time, was Bishop.

Suzanne Woods Fisher writes a wonderful tale of love…..the strong love of a father for his children….the love of a young girl for her fiancé, loss, learning to trust again, and finding happiness again.

Bishop Glick runs the church like a dictator along with his spineless brother Levi.  David is the only one who standsup to them.

Read the Stolzfus family’s story.  Find out how Katrina heals, or does she?  What of her troublesome brother Jesse?  Does David find love again?  And, of course, WHO IS THE IMPOSTER?

Just Plain Sadie


Amy Lillard takes us back to Wells Landing, Oklahoma to visit the Kauffman family and other friends.

Sadie Kauffman and Chris Flaud have been friends since childhood and do everything together.  They go bowling, play volleyball and everything else with a few married couples.  They spend so much time together that everyone assumes they’ll marry one day and no other boy asks Sadie out.

There are no secrets between best friends and, one day Chris tells Sadie something that he’s dreamt about and saved for for a very long time.  That revelation, however, throws her for a loop and their relationship in jeopardy.

At the market one day Sadie met a very good looking man named Ezra Hein.  He raises exotic animals and she ordered some bison meat for her family’s restaurant.  There is one thing wrong with Ezra though….he’s Mennonite!

A romance blooms between Mennonite Ezra and Amish Sadie but can it be?  Her mother and her friends are against it.  His mother and his friends are against it.  What of Chris’ dream?  What is Chris’ dream?  Read their story…you’ll be glad you did!

The Amish Christmas Kitchen


Kelly Long, Jennifer Beckstrand, and Lisa Jones Baker do a great job combining their stories in this book.  All the stories, as the name implies, have to do with cooking…. especially cookies!

In Baking Love on Ice Mountain, Kelly Long starts off with twenty-one-year-old Daniel Kauffman’s loss of his best friend when a tree they were chopping down landed on Seth.  Seth also left behind his wife, Clara, who he made Daniel promise to marry.

Widowed at such a young age, Clara withdrew from everyone.  She knew she could never find another Seth or ever love again.

I enjoyed Titus’ grandparents in The Christmas Bakery on Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand.  His grandmother Anna especially.  I think Titus was autistic but I could be wrong….at any rate he was different and a wonderful man.

Anna decided she was going to find him a wife.  The only problem was the wife she wanted for him was supposed to get engaged to someone else!  Oh dear!!!!

In The Special Christmas Cookie by Lisa Jones Baker little Amos Troyer needs heart surgery.  Jonathan, his older brother and man of the house since the death of their father, felt like a failure for having to depend on others for the money.  Amos’ tutor, neighbor Emma, affectionately called Emmie by Amos, is the baker of the Christmas cookies that help raise some of that money.

I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Christmas Secret


Elizabeth Canning and David Stinner planned a Christmas Eve wedding, Elizabeth’s birthday, in the cabin where her maternal grandparents had started their married live together and her parents after them.  She was so excited to be starting her married life there as well.

While cleaning the cabin, Elizabeth came across a journal that had belonged to her Aunt.  As she read, she discovered some news that turned her world upside down.  There was no way she could marry David now.  What could she have read in that journal?

Elizabeth decided that she had to find her Aunt and find out the truth.  She confided in her best friend Helen and made her promise to keep the secret.

Did Elizabeth find her Aunt?  What happened to Elizabeth and David?  Read this well written book by Wanda Brunstetter to find out.