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The Wish


The first Amish fiction book I read years ago was by Beverly Lewis and I was hooked!  I still love her books and have added quite a few more authors to my “must read” list.

Leona was a lonely Amish girl.  Her brother was a good bit older and had his own family.  She didn’t feel very connected to her parents either so she was ecstatic when a new family came to town with a girl her age.  They fast became best friends.

Leona spent a great deal of time with Gloria and her family and had somewhat of a crush on Gloria’s brother Adam.  All the while, the deacon’s eldest son Tom Ebersol was in love with Leona.

This story tells of friendships, loss, reunions, love and trusting God.  You’ll want to read Leona and Gloria’s story.  There are some surprises along the way for sure.


What was the sacrifice?


If you haven’t read anything by J.E.B Spredemann before, you’ll definitely want to pick up this series.  You are drawn into the lives of the characters from page one.

There’s eighteen-year-old Rosanna who had to leave her friends behind when her family moved to a new state.  That’s hard to do especially at that age.  Zachariah and his best friend John.  They’d do anything for each other…. which one made the sacrifice?  What was the sacrifice?

This is the fifth book in this series.  These books touch on subjects that some might think the Amish don’t have to deal with because of the way they are raised.  The Amish are people just like the English and, though they take care of matters amongst themselves, they have the same desires and temptations that the rest of us have.

Thank you J.E.B for allowing me to read this book!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t want it to end!

A book you will not want to put down


What a read!  You will not want to put this book down!  I love Amy Lillard’s Amish fiction books.  This is the first non-Amish I’ve read by her and I loved it too.

Jessie McAllen is the town troublemaker.  That’s what some in the town call her anyway.  She did cause trouble once back in high school but that was a long time ago.  When are people ever going to stop talking about her negatively?

Chase Langston is supposed to be Jessie’s boyfriend.  He’s always away on the Rodeo circuit and doesn’t really have time for her.  She’s loved him since they were children…or, does she really?  She’s always been known as Chase’s girl.  Chase’s older brother sheriff Seth Langston has loved Jessie for a long time but, out of respect for his brother, wouldn’t let on.

Read this story of unrequited love, or is it?  This is a story about overcoming your upbringing, loyalty, heartache, love and passion.  You’ll love the characters and want to see more of them.