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I loved this series!!



In the Amish community, unlike the English world, marriage is forever. There’s no way around it. The Amish don’t believe you have to fall head over heels for someone. You just have to be compatible, a good match, the rest will come, God willing.

So it is with our friends Sarah Yoder and Jonah Miller. If you’ve read the other books in this series, you know Sarah is in love with Jonah, or so she thought, but he was in love with Lorie Kauffman.

Amy Lillard has given us another wonderfully written story of love, loss, making difficult choices, finding renewed faith and making the best of the hand you’ve been dealt.

I don’t want to give away anything about Sarah and Jonah but, I will tell you, you’ll definitely want to read their story. I know you’ll love it as much as I did.


A page turner!


Jennifer Beckstrand is an author that’s definitely on my must-read list and, once you read her books, she’ll be on yours too.

Anna Helmuth is quite a character.  She’s made it her mission to marry off her grand-daughter Beth to Tyler Yoder.  Beth is a young widow raising a small child.  Tyler is a caring young man who adores Beth and her son Toby.  Toby adores him too.  Beth’s marriage was far from ideal and she intends to remain single for the rest of her live.  There’s also the matter of her deceased husband’s brother Isaac.  He intends to marry Beth so she will continue caring for his sick mother.

Read about Anna’s antics, the way Beth tries not to get close to Tyler and instead tries to find him a wife.  These two will have you laughing out loud.  You’ll want to keep reading to find out how things turn out for Beth!


Did Levi’s dream come true?


An Amish professional baseball player?  An Amish woman that can’t cook, sew or quilt? Who ever heard of such things?

Baseball was always on Levi Troyer’s mind.  He spent his time on the homemade dirt field playing ball instead of helping his twin brother John on the farm.  John was none too happy about that either.  Their father David worried about Levi’s fascination with the sport.

Hannah Weaver helped out in her parent’s bakery along with her sister Ruth.  Bless Hannah’s heart, she just couldn’t get the hang of baking…or cooking anything for that matter.  She loved Levi though and spent as much time as possible watching him play ball.  When a sports talent scout came into the bakery, Hannah told him where he could find the “best ball player” he’d ever seen.

Levi’s dream was to play for the pros but will he leave his family, community, and Hannah behind to make that happen?  Will Hannah wait for Levi?  A tryout doesn’t guarantee making the team.  Will Levi chance it?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and didn’t want to put the book down…you won’t either.  It’s full of emotions…jealousy, hurt, bad decisions and the consequences of those decisions.  It’s also a story of love, forgiveness and finding oneself again.

An Amish President?


This is the first book written by Martha Bolton that I have read but I definitely intend to read more.  Can you imagine an Amish man running for President let alone winning?  Why, that’s against the very rules they live by!  And, if an Amish man were to be President, how in the world would he maintain his Amish life in the White House?

This story was amusing, had me laughing at times, and was also sad.  It all began when a Congressman ran his car into a ditch in Pennsylvania and Josiah gave him a hand.

You’ll want to pick up a copy and read all about this Presidential race and the Amish man that’s running!  How did his name even get on the ballot?