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Does a misdirected letter lead to love?


Kathleen Fuller does it again…I love reading her books!

Phoebe and her son Malachi were living a very unhappy life with her Aunt Bertha.  A letter arrived in the mailbox by mistake one day which started a friendship between Phoebe and the writer of the letter, Jalon.  She sent him a short note to let him know his letter didn’t arrive at it’s intended address.   He wrote back, she wrote again, and so on…they were pen-pals!

One of the bright spots in Phoebe’s day was the arrival of a letter from Jalon which she kept secret from her aunt.  She also kept something secret from Jalon and he from her.

After exchanging a good many letters back and forth, feeling developed between the two.  Could those feelings survive the secret they’re keeping from each other?

Pick up a copy of this well written book and find out!


Chaos in Sugarcreek


Sugarcreek, Ohio is a beautiful, peaceful place to live. It used to be anyway. Recently, some very strange things have been causing chaos in town.

Pigs somehow escaped from the truck that was transporting them and went stampeding down main street. That caused a problem for Cheryl who managed her Aunt’s gift shop and for other businesses. A neighbor’s empty barn caught fire and burned down. A new family in town was targeted because people thought they were Muslim terrorists. Their house was vandalized. They ran a food truck and someone was trying to put them out of business.

Cheryl decided to play detective and try to find out what was behind all these strange happenings in her otherwise quiet town. She enlisted the help of her Amish friend Naomi. Or, should I say, she involved Naomi in her antics!

I enjoyed this story very much. Pick up a copy and see if you can solve these mysteries! Although not so funny for the shops along the street, traffic couldn’t get through, I have to admit that a pig stampede had me chuckling.