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This book is comprised of three novellas by Jennifer Beckstrand, Molly Jebber and Amy Lillard.

As in her Honey Bee series, Jennifer had me laughing throughout A Reluctant Groom.   Anna Helmuth’s daughter Esther didn’t think her mother should be playing matchmaker for the youth in their district.  She thought her too old and she thought it was unrespectable.  Anna is a hoot!

Joshua’s Bride is a story of two people wanting to marry and Joshua’s family upsetting the cart.  Joshua Stutzman loved Madeline Lehman with all his heart.  His brother Nathaniel had loved her sister Catherine but she left the faith to become English.  The Stutzman family, with the exception of Joshua, held that against the entire Lehman family.   As if that wasn’t enough, Catherine comes home with a baby, gives the baby girl to Madeline and leaves again.

A Summer Wedding in Paradise had me laughing too.  Reba Schmucker is filling in as school teacher because teacher Bernice Yoder was marrying her widowed brother Jess.  While walking to school one day, already running late, a buggy with an out of control horse came barreling down the road.  A car was coming from the opposite direction.  To keep from getting hit, she dove into the muddy ditch.

She was expecting a repairman to come do some work on the school but, she didn’t expect him to be the driver of the buggy!  Her three nieces were so successful in matching up their father and Bernice they decided it was time for Aunt Reba to be happy too.  They set about to match her with Abel the repairman.

I enjoyed reading all three of these stories.  I enjoyed the antics of Anna & the little Schmucker girls.  Reading Joshua and Madeline’s story was a bit sadder but you didn’t want to put it down because you wanted to see how things turned out for them.

How did things turn out in all the stories?  Was Anna successful in the matchmaking or did she cave to Esther and give it up?  Did Joshua’s family ever accept Madeline and the baby?  What of Reba Schmucker?  Did her nieces interfere in her life?

I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A Widow’s Hope

A Widow's Hope

Hannah Brown and her sheep caused quite a stir at her new home.  Widowed young, Hannah moved from Ohio to Lancaster to live with her sister Julia and her family.  A deacon in his district, Simon seemed to always find fault with his sister-in-law.  She was too independent.  She read the whole bible and quoted scripture not approved by the Bishop.  She did men’s work.  The list went on and on.  He didn’t like the sheep either.

To make matters worse, Julia decided that Hannah and Simon’s widowed brother Seth would make a good match.  Seth was raising his little girl and needed a wife.  Little Phoebe hadn’t spoken a word in the three years since her mother died.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the on again, off again friendship between Hannah and Seth, how Simon came to appreciate the sheep, and Simon and Hannah mending their relationship.

Was Julia successful at her matchmaking?  Did Phoebe ever talk again?  Read this well written story by Mary Ellis.  You’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

A wonderful story that grabs your attention!


Kelly Irvin writes a story that keeps your attention from page one!

Kelly writes a story of friendship, love, loss, despair, finding your way again and loving again.

Bess and Caleb Weaver had only been married a year.  She was expecting their first child but, before the child was born, Caleb was killed in a terrible buggy accident.  His best friend Aiden Graber, also friends with Bess since childhood, made Caleb a promise to care for his wife and child.

Bess is so heartbroken over the loss of her husband she can’t seem to bond with her son and finds ways to avoid caring for him.  Caleb’s mother Mattie falls into a state of total despair.

What happens to Bess?  Will she finally be a mother to little Joshua?  Will she let Aiden into her heart…. a place he’s longed for all his life?  What of Mattie?  God can bring her back from the deep pit she’s fallen into but does she let him?

I was given this book by  NetGalley in exchange for an honest review