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Four stories you’ll want to read!


A Reunion in Pinecraft by Shelley Shepard Gray…….Shelley takes us back to Pinecraft, Florida and the Orange Blossom Inn for a story of mistaken identity.  Graham and his friends and Sherilyn ( nicknamed Sherry), her sister Sharon and their friends planned a vacation in the beautiful Florida city.  Graham and Sharon had a brief conversation at a friend’s wedding and had become pen pals.  That’s what he thought anyway. What he found out was his pen pal had in fact been Sherry.  Sherry was looking forward to spending this vacation getting to know each other.  Graham, on the other hand, was disappointed to learn of the mix-up.

Graham tried to hide his disappointment when he discovered he hadn’t been writing to Sharon all that time.  He started trying to figure out a way to get to know both sisters and decide which one he liked best.  Kind of mean, isn’t it?

Summer Storms by Amy Clipston…..A group of young Amish people were enjoying some time away from work by relaxing at Maryland’s Cascade Lake.  Among them were engaged couple Ariana Smucker and Jesse Zook.  Ariana’s brother Tobias was also with them.  He argued a great deal with their father and Ariana thought this outing would cheer him up.  What were the arguments about?  Did relaxing at the lake do him any good?

Jesse was determined to find out what was bothering his best friend and help him in whatever way he could.  When he found him drinking Vodka, he was very disappointed in Tobias.  No way could Tobias’ father find the bottle he had just emptied.  Jessie, being his best friend, took the bottle to get rid of it.  Before he could though, Mr. Smucker found out about it and thought it belonged to Jesse.  He broke off Jesse’s engagement with Ariana and forbade them to see each other.  What a mess he’d gotten himself into by trying to help his friend!

Does Tobias admit that he was the one with the drinking problem?  Ariana’s heart is broken..will she and Jesse ever be able to marry?

Lakeside Love by Kathleen Fuller…..The Coblentz family gave group tours of their farm and house to Englishers.  Esther guided those tours.  One day she was having a particularly hard time leaving her front porch to go do the tour.  Why?  She couldn’t take her eyes off Judah King who was working with her father and brother in the field.  He was good looking, kind, a hard worker and in love with Esther’s sister Sarah.

Sarah was beautiful and had the attention of many of the Amish men in their community.  For some reason, she didn’t return Judah’s affection and was always avoiding him.  She even suggested he take Esther for ice cream when she told him she couldn’t go with him.  Will Judah finally notice Esther?

An English man wanting to learn about the Amish came to live at the Coblentz farm for a month.  Rhett was very handsome and Sarah flirted with him shamelessly.  Even in front of poor Judah.  Their father, Enoch suggested that Esther and Judah show Rhett around the community.  Of course, Sarah was none too pleased about that.  Will Sarah stop all that flirting with other men and realize what a catch Judah is?  Will Judah still want her if she does?

One Sweet Kiss by Kelly Irvin…..Kelly takes us back to visit our friends in Bee County, Texas.  Martha Byler was trying her best to stay awake during church services at Bishop Jeremiah’s.  The heat was unbearable and she was exhausted.  She rose early to prepare breakfast for her family, helped with the meal after services and played with the little ones after the meal.  Her mother had been gone ten years and she had six younger brothers and sisters.  Her father had remarried but she still felt like the younger ones needed her.

Martha was mad at her boyfriend Jacob King for not keeping a promise he made.  The reason for breaking his promise was a car that he had with a couple of his friends.  She wanted him to get rid of it and join the church.  He was trying to get back in her good graces.  Because they were taught to forgive, she would forgive him but would she trust him again?  Getting rid of the car was a big deal for Martha.  Selling it and joining the church would prove Jacob loved her.

Dwayne Chapman was another problem.  He was nineteen, married and had two kids but he acted like a child.  He liked to drink and go alligator hunting even though the season had ended.  He wanted Jacob to go with him and, because Dwayne was drunk, Jacob drove Dwayne’s truck and took him home.  Will Dwayne ever grow up and be the husband and father he needs to be?  What will become of Martha and Jacob?

Pick up a copy of An Amish Summer and read the stories of these young Amish men and women.  These stories are very well written and you’ll be glad you did!!



Who’s setting the fires?

Lancaster Burning


Linda Byler writes three books in this series that grab your attention and make you want to keep reading.  Ms Byler is a new author to me.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series!

I couldn’t wait to finish one book and begin the next to find out who was going around burning barns on Amish farms.  I was also eager to see if Sarah Beiler would come to her senses and get over Matthew Stolzfus whom she’s loved since she was a girl.  In my opinion, Matthew was a real jerk and played with Sarah’s emotions.

Even though barn burnings are a serious matter, Sarah’s brother Levi had me chuckling at times.  Levi has Downs Syndrome and some of the things that came out of his mouth were kind of funny.

You’ll want to pick up a copy of this book and meet the characters and the trials they go through.  Sarah’s father is the bishop and some of the men in the church give him a hard time about the fires.  He keeps preaching forgiveness and they want to get the police involved.  Will the arsonist be caught?  Can Bishop Beiler keep his church from going against the old way of forgiving?