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A Real Page Turner

Assaulted Carmel

Amanda Flower gives us a fast pasted who-done-it that I thoroughly enjoyed.   She kept me going back and forth between suspects while never giving the murderer away.  The end was a total surprise to me!

You have to pick up a copy of this entertaining book to find out who killed a man everyone in town despised.  Tyson Colton, a greedy Englischer who was buying all the stores from the Amish, was found dead in the kitchen of the Swissmen Sweets candy store.  That was the only store he couldn’t buy.  What was he doing in the kitchen after everyone had gone to bed anyway?  Jebidiah and Clara King owned Swissmen Sweets and lived above the store.  Their English granddaughter Bailey, who was a chocolatier in NYC at a very famous store and vying for the head chocolatier job, had come to visit because Jebidiah was in poor health.  None of them heard anything going on in the kitchen below.

Who killed Tyson Colton?  Surely not Jebidiah, he’s Amish.  The sheriff believes Jebidiah put Bailey up to it.  Plus, she found the body.  Did she kill Tyson?  Could it be Eileen Hutton whose daughter was engaged to Tyson’s son?  She certainly wanted her daughter married into that wealthy family whether her daughter did or not.   Then there was Tyson’s son Jace.  He wasn’t the least bit sad that his father was dead.  He despised him too, and now everything belonged to him!

I know you’ll enjoy reading this well-written book and trying to figure out which of the many townspeople killed a man everyone was glad was dead!

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.