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Another great who-done-it!


There’s a competition going on in Harvest, Ohio and that’s not the only thing!  There are fifteen Amish candy makers in town for the annual Amish Confectionery Competition.  Bailey King, the English granddaughter of Jebidiah and Clara King, is taking her grandfather’s place in the competition due to his death.

Josephine Weaver, a candy maker from Berlin, is angry that an Englischer is allowed in the Amish competition.  Josephine isn’t what you think of when you think of an Amish woman.  She’s mean spirited and demanded that Bailey be disqualified.  It had already been agreed upon that Bailey could take Jebidiah’s place so there was nothing Josephine could do.

With the ACC going on, the town is super crowded and now Jethro, Juliet Brody’s beloved pot belly pig has gone missing.  Amish and English alike search for the little pig.  Search parties go out in the evening after the competition ends for the day.

Before the first round of judging, the licorice round, Josephine disappeared.  She had stomped away when she was unable to get Bailey disqualified and never came back.  The title of best candy maker was so important to her, where in the world had she gone off to?

Juliet is beside herself with worry over Jethro.  Josephine is dead.  Bailey meets a cousin she didn’t know she had and, again, gets involved in the murder case.  All this and the ACC?  It’s a lot for the small town of Harvest, Ohio!

Who murdered Josephine and how?  Who found her and where?  Is Jethro found or gone for good?  Read this page turning who-done-it and find out!


Friendship, love, forgiveness and seeking God’s will

The Quilting Circle

Amy Lillard compiles three stories of friendship, love, doubt, forgiveness, and seeking God’s will into one book.

More Than Friendship is the story of young Clara Rose Yutzy.  Clara Rose is part of a quilting circle in her community of Wells Landing.  She is just weeks away from marrying Thomas Lapp but did she really love Thomas or did she love the idea of being married?  When questioned about marrying Thomas, her answer was always “he’s the one God sent me”.  Thomas was a good man and very understanding of her friendship with Obadiah Brenneman.  Clara Rose and Obie had known each other all their lives and were best friends.

More Than a Promise is the story of Mariana Miller, another of the quilting circle ladies.  Mariana and her husband of 15 years never had any children despite her constant prayers.  Leroy had a brain tumor which eventually caused his death.  Shortly before his death, Marianna discovered she was pregnant.  After all these years and now that she was widowed!  Not just with one baby either but with twins!  Thankfully she had her friends from the circle and Leroy’s business partner and best friend Reuben Weisel to call upon.

More Than a Marriage is the story of another of the quilters, Tess Smiley.  Tess is the newest member of the group having moved to Wells Landing after her marriage to Jacob not quite three years ago.  They moved from Clarita where her parents live to Wells Landing where his parents live.  Not being able to afford a farm, Jacob got a job as a roofer until he can save up enough money.  He therefore is allowed a cellphone for work. Tess is not only lonely for her parents but she’s also lonely for her husband.  If only he could pay as much attention to her as he does his cellphone.

You’ll want to read Clara Rose, Mariana and Tess’s stories.  These are really three great stories that capture and keep your attention!

Does Clara Rose marry Thomas?  What of her best friend Obie?

How does Mariana manage twins by herself? Is she by herself?

Does Tess leave Jacob to return to her family in Clarita?  Does Jacob ever put the cellphone down long enough to pay attention to his wife?  Do they work out their differences and save their marriage?

I was given this book by the author and this is my honest review.


Which world will Jessica choose?

A Plain Leaving

Jessica Bachman left her family, friends, community, and Silas Kemp, the man she loved and made a life for herself in the English world.  She was happy in her new life.  She had a good job, friends, Tom, who she’s in love with, and, even though she was under the Bann, her father visited when he could.

Three years later, Jessica found out just how much she missed her Amish life.  Her father passed away and she went back home for his funeral.  She had also been given an assignment that involved an Amish family in the area.  His well was contaminated and his wife was sick.  Jessica was afraid the same thing would happen to her family farm if her older brother Arden got his way.

Upon her return, Jessica was treated coldly by her mother, Arden and his wife, and her sister Marie.  She was shunned after all!  Her younger sister Leisel, her Aunt Suz, and Silas were the only ones that didn’t treat her as though she didn’t exist.

Leslie Gould has a way with storytelling and I love how she joins two worlds together.  While back on the farm, Jessica’s aunt tells her of the history of the farm.  Of her ancestors that lived there hundreds of years before.  Jessica is very interested in Ruby Bachman’s story and looks forward to hearing part of it whenever her aunt has time to share it.

Does Jessica go back to her English life and Tom or does being home with her family and Silas again make her change her mind and return to the community?  Is she still in love with Silas?  Does he still love her?  What of Tom?

Pick up a copy of this very well-written book and read Jessica’s story!  I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.