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Trusting God’s Plan


Anne Marie and Nathaniel have been friends since childhood.  They both stopped going to singings and every Sunday night was set aside for games at Anne Marie’s.  They loved that time together because they both cherished their friendship.

Anne Marie’s father passed and she lived at home with her mother and two brothers.  She and her mother had a pretty good business.  Lydia made cookbooks while Anne Marie made candles.  Life was good…until it wasn’t for Anne Marie.

Thomas, a childhood friend of Lydia’s and a widower who’d been living in Ohio, came back home to visit family.  They ran into each other one day and the friendship picked up again.  Thomas and Lydia exchanged letters for a while until they realized their friendship had turned into love.

That’s when Anne Marie’s world fell apart.  Lydia finally told her children about Thomas, his plan to spend Christmas with them, their January wedding and the move to Ohio.  Anne Marie didn’t want to move.  Her life was in Paradise.  Her friends were in Paradise.  Nathaniel was in Paradise.  She would miss him terribly.

Ruth Troyer, one Anne Marie’s friends, had her Kapp set on Nathaniel!  She checked with Anne Marie first to make sure there was only friendship between the two of them before she set out to win his heart.

Read a Gift for Anne Marie.  What was the gift.  Was it a beautiful clock that Nathaniel had resorted in the shop where he worked with his father?  Was it peace God gave her about her situation?  What happened to their friendship?  Did Ruth get her man?

A Must Read


Elam Zook was very much in love with Julianna Yoder and he thought she had the same feelings for him.  When she went home after a singing with someone else it hurt him really bad but, when she did it again the next time, it crushed his heart.  Elam couldn’t stand by and watch the woman he loved court someone else.  Elam left his family, his community and his beloved Julie…his nickname for her.

His cousin Zachariah was already living in the English world with his wife, Rosanna & their children.  Elam joined them.  Some things he enjoyed in his new life…. electricity, driving a truck and motorcycle.  Other parts were hard.  He missed his family and, although he tried not to think of her, he missed his Julie very much.

I don’t want to give away too much of Elam and Julianna’s story but I will say that I enjoyed it very much and everyone needs to read it!  It’s a beautiful story of a young Amish man finding God when he left his Amish life behind.  Because he was sure Julie had moved on and maybe even married, he started dating a young woman from the church.  Elam followed God’s direction in every aspect of his life and God healed his broken heart.  There is hurt and sadness in this story too but life isn’t lacking of those emotions for any of us at times.  Elam truly discovered that with God all things are possible!!