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A Home for Hannah

A Home for Hannah

Ms Lillard tells the story of a young Amish girl who left her family and community to see what the English world was like.  She also left the boy she thought she’d marry.  Leaving was not easy for Hannah but, neither was the idea of returning.

After fifteen years in a less than ideal marriage she finds herself a widow with a teenage son to care for.  Not only was a she a widow but she had very little money to live on due to her husband’s spending habits and secrets.  Hannah had made so many wrong choices she thought for sure God had stopped listening to her.  She stopped praying.  She didn’t attend church.

I loved Hannah’s story.  I’m sure we all can relate with her.  We’ve all made bad choices at one time or another.  Maybe, like Hannah, we got off track and had to find our way back.

Pick up a copy of A Home for Hannah and read her story!  Can she go back to her family and community?  What about her English son?