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A page turner!


Ms Good is a new author to me but I enjoyed reading this book very much.  I will definitely be reading more from this author.

I enjoyed being in the classroom with Ada Rupp and her special needs students.  Nathan Yoder is one of her students.  His mother died but he doesn’t understand and keeps throwing fits and screaming because he wants her to come home.  She and Nathan had been in Mexico for her cancer treatments and he thinks that’s where she is.   Ada’s brother David signs and is able to communicate with Nathan.  They become fast friends and, only when he is at school or Ada’s house, is he calm.

Read this well written story by Rachel Good.  Read about Nathan and Josiah’s (Nathan’s father) struggles.  Does he ever understand that is mother isn’t coming home?  Will he stop being mad at his father for sending her away?

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


Four wonderful stories in one book!


Amy Clipston’s stories grab you from page one and these four novellas are no different.  Once you start reading about Lindsay and Matthew, Janie and Jonathan, Tobias and Mariella, and Ellie and Lloyd, you just have to finish their stories!

I fell in love with Ms Clipston’s writing when I read her Kauffman Bakery series and I haven’t read a book she wrote that I didn’t love!!

Thank you Amy for another wonderful read!

Words From The Heart


Words From The Heart is another great read by one of my favorite authors of Amish Fiction. The characters are interesting and make you want to follow their every move. In this story, I especially liked Cevilla, an elderly single woman who thinks it’s her mission in life to play matchmaker for her nephew (Noah) and a lovely girl (Ivy) in Cevilla’s district.

She’s really comical the way she goes about it and you want to keep reading to find out if her antics work. Do her antics work? She has a plan in place and, when Noah comes for a visit, proceeds to carry it out.

When it looks like things might be going the way Cevilla wants them to, Ms Fuller throws a wrench in the story. Find out what it is and what, if anything, happens between Noah and Ivy!