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A story of second chances, love and healing


This is the second book in the Mississippi Amish series.  Hannah has returned to her family, faith, and the love of her life.  Leah, Hannah’s twin, has not.  She’s returned and visits her family often but has opted to join the Mennonite faith.

Amy writes a wonderful story of second chances, healing, and love.  Six-year-old Peter hasn’t spoken a word since the fire that took the lives of his parents and sister.  His Uncle Jamie decides a fresh start might be the answer and moves from Tennessee to Mississippi.

Is a change of scenery what Peter needs?  How about Jamie?  He’s raising a little boy that won’t speak alone.  Leah is the most outspoken woman Jamie has ever met, yet, he falls in love with her.  He’s Amish, she’s Mennonite, how can they overcome that obstacle?

Read Leah, Jamie and Peter’s story to find out how God works everything out!