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A story of forgiveness and second chances

A Wells Landing Christmas

Ivy’s grandfather, Yonnie Weaver, is a handful for her to care for.  His mind is slipping.  He keeps calling her by her mother’s name.  He wanders off while she’s at work.  Ivy has a secret but, it seems, so does Yonnie.  Because of what she’s done, Ivy won’t join the church.  She doesn’t want her secret revealed.  She just can’t forgive herself.

Zebadiah Brenneman had been Ivy’s boyfriend until he moved to Pinecraft, Florida.  He spent two years there among the Beachy Amish.  Now he’s home for the holidays.  It takes some doing but he finally talks Ivy into letting him help her with Yonnie and the farm.  He tries to talk to her about what he’s learned in Florida.  About “saved by grace”.  Of course, that went against the Ordnung she followed.

Ivy went to visit a local retirement home and made a good friend there.  He could tell Ivy was troubled and talked to her about God’s saving grace.  Maybe Zeb was right.  Would God forgive her and set her free?  Could she have an assurance, not just hope, of heaven?

Pick up a copy of this book and read Ivy, Yonnie, and Zeb’s story.  I thoroughly enjoyed my trip back to Wells Landing.  Thank you Amy for another wonderful read!!


Leslie Gould gives us another great read!


At twenty-one Marie Bachmann had her life all planned out.  She was going to marry a good Amish man, the Bishop’s son Elijah to be exact, and they were going to farm.

Gordon Martin, a young Mennonite man, worked on the Bachmann farm since the death of Marie’s father.  Gordon had a heart for helping others and volunteered in the homeless shelter.  Marie thought being homeless was someone’s own doing.  Surely, they had family to live with!

Marie’s trip to Pinecraft with her Aenti Suz brought about some changes in her.  She saw how self-centered Elijah really was.  She was able to sing, something she loved to do, although it was forbidden.  And, most of all, she did some soul searching and saw a person she wasn’t very fond of.  Marie was self-centered, self-righteous and judgmental of others.  While singing in church, she felt a closeness to God she’d never felt in her church services back home in Lancaster.

Does Marie learn to give up her will for God’s?  Does she marry Elijah because that’s always been her plan?  What of her friendship with Gordon?  Does it grow?  He’s Mennonite, she’s Amish.  That’s a problem.

Leslie Gould has given us another wonderful read….be sure to pick up a copy!!