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A Great Read!



This second book in the Love and Promises Series deals with secrets, despair, forbidden feelings, forgiveness, love and trusting God.  I loved Kyle and Leah’s story!

The title of this book is the Midwife’s Secret but, as it turns out, Leah wasn’t the only one living with a secret.  As you get into the lives of the characters, you find out Kyle has his own secret keeping him from the life he should be living.  Long before Kyle’s life changing experience, the doctor and his wife had a huge secret.  I really didn’t see that coming!!

Leah was courting Ben, whom she never seemed to have time for, and learning to be a midwife, which Ben disapproved of.  He didn’t want his wife working and expected Leah to stop once they married.

Kyle Miller was a young Englischer doctor who worked long hours during his residency.  The Mennonite doctor in Lancaster was ready to retire but needed someone to take over his practice.  He called Kyle.  Why Kyle?  Kyle remembered Dr. Hess and his wife but, why would they just hand over their business and home to him?

Read this well written story to uncover all the secrets the pages hold.  This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.