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I love Kappy and Edie!


Someone attacked Alma Miller, the Bishop’s wife and reigning pie queen, and stole her recipe box right before the annual festival.  Alma had won the pie contest every year for several years.  Would someone really harm her in order to win?  Once again, Edie makes it her business to find out and drags Kappy along for the ride.  Amy Lillard gives us another mystery that has us chuckling at the antics of these two women.

Frannie Lehman, who had been trying to beat Alma for years, was number one on the suspect list as far as Detective Jack Jones was concerned.  Especially after she won the contest.  Kappy just couldn’t believe Frannie could do such a thing and she and Edie set out to prove it.

Edie and Kappy always took Edie’s down syndrome brother Jimmy with them (unless he had to work) because Edie doesn’t think he can take care of himself.  Jimmy is grown but not in Edie’s eyes.  He shows her just how capable he is when they are trapped in a basement bakery with the killer.

Did Frannie Lehman kill the Bishop’s wife for her recipe?  Her pie tasted exactly like Alma’s and she did finally win the contest.  What did Jimmy do to get them out of the basement alive?

Read this well-written story to find the answers to the mystery.

I loved this series and highly recommend it!  Thank you, Amy Lillard, for allowing me to read them.