A Must Read!


Life happens and the “Eight” didn’t get together as often as they used to.  They’re together now though.  Well, seven of them are.  They’re at a funeral.  Andy’s funeral.  Not only one of their own but their leader.  The worse part, he killed himself.

This story starts out on a sad note and is filled with so many emotions.  Anger, blame, hurt, love.  Promises were made.  Promises to stay better connected with each other.  Questions, so many questions.  How could Andy have done that?  Why didn’t he reach out to any of them?  They were a close-knit group of life-long friends.  How did they not see he was troubled?

This story captures your attention from the first paragraph and keeps you wanting more.  You can’t put the book down.  You have to see how these friends, from three different cultures, help each other deal with their loss.

Follow the lives of the remaining “Eight” and watch friendships get stronger.  Some even turn to more.  See who makes sacrifices to be with the one they love.



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