A Page Turner!


Vannetta Chapman is one of my favorite authors of Amish fiction and she definitely didn’t disappoint with this Love Inspired story.

Caleb Wittmer was out mending a fence on a cold December day when he thought he saw someone staggering down the road.  He had to be imagining things.  Nobody would be out walking in this weather!  Caleb finally realized there was someone walking down the road. A woman.  With no coat.  An Amish woman with no coat.  What in the world?!  By time he reached her, she had collapsed in the snow.

When she woke up on the couch in the Wittmer home, she couldn’t remember who she was or what she was doing there.  She had been carrying a small book of poems with the name Rachel written in it.  That’s all she or any of them knew about her.  Her name was Rachel.  Rachel what and where did she come from?  The color of her dress wasn’t from their district.

You won’t want to put this book down until the mystery of Rachel is solved!!


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