Another great read!


In this third book of The Sister’s of Lancaster County we again find a mix of Amish and Military.  Gould does an excellent job of writing both into her stories.

Leisel left her Amish home to pursue a nursing career.  She didn’t leave her Amish faith however.  While waiting to take her state boards, Leisel receives news that her sister Marie has cancer.  Family is everything to her so she packs up her study material and goes back home to help with Marie’s care.

Leisel’s English boyfriend, Nick, had mentioned to her the idea of joining the military to pay off his student loans.  Of course, having been raised Amish, she wasn’t happy with that idea and wouldn’t really discuss it with him.

When she finds out Nick enlisted, she broke up with him even though it broke her heart.  She just couldn’t be with someone in the military.  Whenever there was time, her Aunt told Leisel stories about her grandparents.  Her grandfather was an Amish man who drove ambulances during the war.  Her grandmother was an army nurse.  How did they work things out?  Did he leave his family and community?  Did she become Amish?  Does their story help Leisel?

Pick up a copy of this book and read Leisel’s story.  You’ll thoroughly enjoy it!


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