Never judge!


Elijah Beiler couldn’t figure his neighbor out.   She was recently widowed so he offered to gather her eggs and milk her cows.  What he couldn’t figure out was, when he brought in the milk and eggs, she was always busy making jam.  What kind of mother was she?  Was making jam more important than caring for her two small children?  This irritated Elijah to no end.

Melvin Fisher had changed since he lost his job.  He became so ill-tempered little Levi was fearful of him.  Grace had to do all the chores, inside and out, and she made jam to raise some money.  When he died, she made even more because she didn’t want to depend on the community.

Not too long ago, I didn’t know anything about Rachel Good but, after reading one of her books, she’s now on my must-read list.

Read Grace’s story.  Rachel will be on your must-read list too!


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