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A Must Read!


I loved traveling back to Pebble Creek and spending time with Anna King and Jessie Beiler.

Even though Anna knew her parents loved her, she was conflicted most of her twenty years.  Why didn’t her biological mother love her?  Why did she give her up for adoption?  She had a strong love of drawing and wanted to enter a contest and win the grand prize, a full scholarship to a great art school.  She even prayed for it.  She knew she shouldn’t but, would God really give her a talent and not want her to use it?  She wanted to go find her “real” mother and find out what it would have been like to have been raised English but she didn’t want to hurt her parents.

Jessie Beiler, the bishop’s son, came to work at the farm.  Jessie became Anna’s confidant.  She would tell him her secrets and ask his advice.  Jessie fell in love with Anna but wouldn’t stand in the way of her dream.  He was even going with her to support her in the contest.

The morning they were to leave town, Jessie didn’t show up.  Anna assumed he couldn’t get away and went without him.  While away, she realized she was in love with Jessie too and wouldn’t leave the community even if she did win the contest.  She had no way of knowing that Jessie had been involved in an accident on the way to her house that morning.  Did she realize her feelings too late?  Did Jessie die in the accident?  Did Anna win the contest?  What about her biological mother?  Did Anna find her?

You’ll have to read this very well written book to find the answers…. you’ll be glad you did! Thank you, Lisa Jones Baker, for allowing me to read Anna and Jessie’s story



A wonderful story of friendship, trust and love


I enjoyed traveling back to Walnut Creek and catching up with the remaining seven from The Patient One.  Since Andy’s death, they make it a point to stay connected better than they had in the past.

This is mostly Katie and Harley’s story and a great one it is!  This is a story of friendship, learning to trust, accepting help and love.

You really get drawn into these characters lives and can’t put the book down until the end.  You’ve got to read Katie’s story…. you’ll be so glad you did!!

Thank you, Shelley, for another wonderful read!!!


Big City Amish


I have loved every book I’ve read from this author and this book is no exception.  Ms Good’s characters draw you into their lives.

Abner Lapp, not having joined the church, left home for New York where he works on a film set.  He not only left his family behind but also Rebecca Zook, the woman he loves.  Rebecca and everyone else think he’s rebelling against the church but, the truth is, Abner is working on the show to save Rebecca’s reputation.  During his Rumspringa he allowed himself to be videoed but they also got Rebecca in the tape.  Abner’s boss, Herman, is threatening to put it in the show unless Abner does as he says.

Read Abner and Rebecca’s story.  Does the video of them appear in a TV show or will Herman return it to Abner as promised?  Does Abner settle down, rejoin his family and join the church?  Is it too late for him and Rebecca?

God’s Perfect Timing


This is book four in J.E.B Spredemann’s series inspired by bible stories.  This is Isaac and Rebecca’s story.

Isaac King is content with his life in Kentucky.  He is a twenty-five year-old bachelor helping care for the family’s Kentucky farm.  His elderly parents, however, long to see him married before they die.

Becky Lehman, also twenty-five and single lived with her parents in Pennsylvania.  She, unlike Isaac dreamt of a family of her own and kept a journal for her “future husband”.  Becky was the oldest and all three of her younger sisters had married.

This story is truly a lesson in waiting on God’s perfect timing and the blessings He bestows on those who do.

A great read!


Why does Grace hate me?  Matthew Byler couldn’t figure out why his baby daughter was so unhappy and always squalling.  He was recently widowed with four small boys and a baby girl that cried all the time.  For him anyway.

Gracie Glick, as well as other women in the district, took meals to the family.  Gracie longed for a family but, so far, she hadn’t been blessed with one.  Gracie had come up with the perfect plan.  Matthew needed a mother for his children and she needed a family.

Would Matthew think she was insane?  Could this actually be God’s plan for them?  Would Matthew even agree to such a thing?

Read Gracie and Matthew’s story.  You’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

Love, betrayal, sin and forgiveness


J.E.B. Spredemann has given us the stories of Ruth and Joseph…this is David’s story.  When I started reading this book, I thought the “betrayal” was David and Bathsheba.  David was a good Amish man that was thought of with respect from his community.  When they needed a bishop, David drew the lot.

The first “betrayal’ was one that I didn’t see coming, and one that changed David’s life.  He married the girl he loved, he was Bishop and served his community well, all was well in his world until……..

Read J.E.B Spredemann’s books based on bible stories.  You’ll enjoy them as much as I did!

A wonderful telling of a Bible story!


J.E.B. Spredemann gives us a wonderful story based on the book of Genesis.  An Amish Honor is Joseph’s story.

This Joseph was Amish and had loving parents….and not so loving half-brothers.  His father loved his mother very much but wasn’t allowed to marry her.  He had to marry one of her sisters.  When she died, he was finally able to marry the love of his life.  Unfortunately, he out-lived her too.  She gave him two sons though that he cherished.  Joseph was the oldest of the two.  As with all siblings, there was discord but, Joseph’s half- brothers took it to the extreme they were so jealous of his relations with their father.

I loved reading Joseph’s story!  Pick up a copy, you’ll love it too!

Thank you J.E.B. for another wonderful read!