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A story of forgiveness and second chances

A Wells Landing Christmas

Ivy’s grandfather, Yonnie Weaver, is a handful for her to care for.  His mind is slipping.  He keeps calling her by her mother’s name.  He wanders off while she’s at work.  Ivy has a secret but, it seems, so does Yonnie.  Because of what she’s done, Ivy won’t join the church.  She doesn’t want her secret revealed.  She just can’t forgive herself.

Zebadiah Brenneman had been Ivy’s boyfriend until he moved to Pinecraft, Florida.  He spent two years there among the Beachy Amish.  Now he’s home for the holidays.  It takes some doing but he finally talks Ivy into letting him help her with Yonnie and the farm.  He tries to talk to her about what he’s learned in Florida.  About “saved by grace”.  Of course, that went against the Ordnung she followed.

Ivy went to visit a local retirement home and made a good friend there.  He could tell Ivy was troubled and talked to her about God’s saving grace.  Maybe Zeb was right.  Would God forgive her and set her free?  Could she have an assurance, not just hope, of heaven?

Pick up a copy of this book and read Ivy, Yonnie, and Zeb’s story.  I thoroughly enjoyed my trip back to Wells Landing.  Thank you Amy for another wonderful read!!


Leslie Gould gives us another great read!


At twenty-one Marie Bachmann had her life all planned out.  She was going to marry a good Amish man, the Bishop’s son Elijah to be exact, and they were going to farm.

Gordon Martin, a young Mennonite man, worked on the Bachmann farm since the death of Marie’s father.  Gordon had a heart for helping others and volunteered in the homeless shelter.  Marie thought being homeless was someone’s own doing.  Surely, they had family to live with!

Marie’s trip to Pinecraft with her Aenti Suz brought about some changes in her.  She saw how self-centered Elijah really was.  She was able to sing, something she loved to do, although it was forbidden.  And, most of all, she did some soul searching and saw a person she wasn’t very fond of.  Marie was self-centered, self-righteous and judgmental of others.  While singing in church, she felt a closeness to God she’d never felt in her church services back home in Lancaster.

Does Marie learn to give up her will for God’s?  Does she marry Elijah because that’s always been her plan?  What of her friendship with Gordon?  Does it grow?  He’s Mennonite, she’s Amish.  That’s a problem.

Leslie Gould has given us another wonderful read….be sure to pick up a copy!!

What a secret it is!


This is book four in the Amish Secrets series.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and learning the secret!  Saloma Troyer is a young Amish woman.  William “Will” Griffith is a young Englisher.  Although it’s against the ordnung , they’ve fallen in love. Could that be the secret? What do they do about that?  Will’s Uncle George is dead set against any kind of relationship between the two young people and isn’t shy about letting them know.

Read this well-written story and find out what the secret is and how Saloma and Will deal with it.  You’ll be surprised!

Another great mystery that’s funny too!


This is book three in An Amish Candy Shop Mystery series. Each book drew me in and had me trying to figure out who the murderer was.

It’s Christmas time in Harvest, Ohio, and the town is seeing a great deal of activity. Everyone is getting ready for the Harvest Christmas Market. The town square is once again a very busy place. And, once again, Bailey King stumbles upon a dead body.

Besides all the activity for the Christmas Market, Bailey’s ex-boyfriend from New York has brought a film crew to town.  Cass, her best friend from New York, has also come for a visit.

While this is a mystery, the antics of Juliet and her pig Jethro will have you laughing out loud!  Pick up a copy of this book and read about all the chaos going on in Harvest and, especially in Bailey’s life. See if you can figure out “who done it”!

Four Wonderful Stories!


This book is comprised of four love stories.  Each story has its own problems for the young couples to work through.

In Building Trust, Grace Miller and Joel King want to marry but, her father forbids it.  Why?  Does he ever see the error of his ways and give his blessing?

In Surprised by Love, Emily Schwartz, at the young age of twenty, was getting pressure from her mother to marry.  Rueben Coblentz was also getting pressure from his mother.  They decided they’d pretend to be dating.  How did that work out?

In A Gift for Anne Marie, Anne Marie’s father had passed and Anne Marie lived at home with her mother and her brothers.  They had a good business going.  Lydia, Anne Marie’s mother, made cookbooks while Anne Marie made candles.  Life was good for Anne Marie until it wasn’t.  What happened to upset the household?

In A Heart Full of Love, Ellie and Christopher, after being married for two years, have been blessed with not one baby but twins!  The problem this couple faces is Edna, Ellie’s overprotective mother.  Ellie is blind and immediately after the birth of the twins, Edna takes charge of their care.  This hurts Ellie and makes her think her mother looks at her as incapable.  Which, of course, causes resentment.  Why is Edna this way?  Ellie thinks it’s her blindness.  She doesn’t know her mother holds a horrible secret from her childhood.

You’ll want to read these four well written stories and find out how things worked out for all involved.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


A story of second chances, love and healing


This is the second book in the Mississippi Amish series.  Hannah has returned to her family, faith, and the love of her life.  Leah, Hannah’s twin, has not.  She’s returned and visits her family often but has opted to join the Mennonite faith.

Amy writes a wonderful story of second chances, healing, and love.  Six-year-old Peter hasn’t spoken a word since the fire that took the lives of his parents and sister.  His Uncle Jamie decides a fresh start might be the answer and moves from Tennessee to Mississippi.

Is a change of scenery what Peter needs?  How about Jamie?  He’s raising a little boy that won’t speak alone.  Leah is the most outspoken woman Jamie has ever met, yet, he falls in love with her.  He’s Amish, she’s Mennonite, how can they overcome that obstacle?

Read Leah, Jamie and Peter’s story to find out how God works everything out!


A five star read!


This is the second Kappy (Katherine) King mystery book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  While it is a mystery, the antics of Kappy and her best friend Edie will have you literally laughing out loud!

Young Sally June Esh was killed when someone hit her buggy with their car and drove away.  Ex-Amish Edie and Kappy, of course, just have to solve this murder.  Was it murder?  Was it just a horrible accident?  The Esh family was known for their “church pickles”.  Surely someone didn’t get killed over pickles?!

Thank you, Amy Lillard, for this delightful read!  I highly recommend it!